Tyler davidson fountain

form and function: the beauty of flowing water

Ohio's Greatest Landmark: The Tyler Davidson Fountain

Built in 1871, the Tyler Davidson Fountain stands at a towering height of 43 feet. It is situated in Ohio's downtown area of Cincinnati and has become a symbol of the city since the fountain's construction.

At the top of the fountain, there is the figure of a woman that stands 9 feet tall and has her hands outstretched. With water flowing forcefully from her hands and rippling over the rest of the fountain, the woman is deemed as a representation of the genius of water.

Just below the female figure, there are four adult male figures which represent the ways in which water sustains life. Additionally, there are four figures of children which depict the ways in which water is enjoyed. At the base of the fountain, there are four relief panels which show the industrial uses of water. Finally, each side of the fountain's lower tier has four drinking spouts which pedestrians had actually used in the late 1800s.

The Tyler Davidson Fountain was built as a memorial to Davidson as commissioned by Henry Probasco, his brother-in-law. Being a world traveler, Probasco went all the way to Germany on a mission to find an artist who is endowed with the skills and passion on creating the memorial that Probasco had initially planned. He found the great designer and artist August von Kreling and convinced him to design and build the Tyler Davidson Fountain. Kreling was the creator of some of Europe's greatest fountains. His works are mostly the result of a collaboration with another artist, Ferdinand von Miller. Apart from collaborating in the building of the Tyler Davidson Fountain, the two artists also worked at the Royal Bronze Foundry of Bavarin.

The Tyler Davidson Fountain is turned off during winter and turned back on again in April in time for the first home game of the Cincinnati Reds. It was featured in the credits of the Cincinnati television series WKRP. Fountain Square is situated on Fifth Street and Vine while the fountain's original miniature model is found in the Cincinnati Art Museum. The Tyler Davidson Fountain is regarded as the oldest monument located in downtown Cincinnati and the most visited fountain in the U.S. It remains as a constant reminder on how water played an important role in the building of great American cities such as Cincinnati.